From Friday, August 30th to Sunday, September 1st, we are organizing a live broadcast of the World Trail Summit in Chamonix. 

Enjoy, shiver and feel magic emotions by watching the best trail runners, but also every runners, through 3 of the most iconic races: UTMB, CCC and PTL. Come to share these unique moments with passionate friends and fellow runners.

But… runners, we can’t stay a long time watching a screen without moving, that’s why we propose to you some trail running sessions around Yamanakako area.

Broadcasting should be available in French, English and Japanese (if same conditions as 2018 edition)

Here is the schedule (Time zone: Japan), changes could occur.

Friday, August 30th

14H30 – Opening

16H00 – CCC Start (live) 📺

16h30 – Running session around the lake.

19H00 – Dinner

Saturday, August 31th

01H00 – UTMB Start (live) 📺

03H00 – CCC first finishers (Live) 📺

05H00 – PTL first finishers (Live) 📺

09H00/16h00 – Trail running Session. More details coming soon.

Finish into the lake.

18H00 – Awards ceremony CCC (Live) 📺

19H00 – CCC last finishers (Live) 📺

19H00 – Dinner

21H45 – UTMB first finishers (Live) 📺

Sunday, September 1st

09H00/16h00 – Trail running session. More details coming soon.

Finish into the lake.

19H00 – Dinner

19H30 – Awards ceremony UTMB (Live) 📺

20H00 – Closing

Non stop live broadcasting – feel free to watch whenever you want.

Parking: Kirara.


Booking for dinner (buffet), drinks not included (subject to a sufficient number of participants):

Friday evening: 2000 Yens + tax

Saturday evening: 2000 Yens + tax

Sunday evening: 2000 Yens + tax


On site @FujiOutdoorSportsStation:

7500 Yens + tax / night / person

Special Offer, pack from Friday to Sunday (2 nights, 3 dinners): 19 000 Yens + tax.

Other places around:

Cozy Inn:

Jamu Lodge:

Lake Terrace:


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