As many foreign runners, looking for races in Japan is not so easy when you are not fluent with the language. Of course, with habit, it becomes easier, but what I expected was a very simple tool: where, when, distance, cost ?

So when you’re not satisfied, the best is to do it by yourself……….. Yuppp 😖….easy to say.

So it was long, and I don’t know yet how to update it every year, but it’s here:

Japan Trail Running Races Calendar

It’s called “Trail Running Races Calendar” but I’m not sectarian, I would love to extend it to road races, Spartan….. Some of them (just a few) are already inside. But I collected all datas by myself…….😩, I let you imagine.

If this database has a small “success”, I mean “useful”, it could be updated with a contact form filled by race organizer, couldn’t it. So please use it and share it, if you think it deserves.

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