Oyez, Oyez,
A new race is born in Yamanakako:
Yamanakako Aozora Marathon.
First edition on Sunday, September 26. (the day after our event “Les 12 heures de Yamanakako”😅 (https://fb.me/e/1iaLHPrQ1)
1 loop, max 2 hours, 4500 Yens
2 loops, max 4 hours, 5000 Yens
More information here:
Please share and be welcome.
Who would be challenger enough to run “Les 12 heures de Yamanakako” & “Yamanakako Aozora Marathon” in a row and to become the first “Yamanakako LOOPY” runner 🤣
Loopy one day, loopy forever.
Yamanakako Aozora marathon 1 light - 3776D
Yamanakako Aozora marathon 2 light - 3776D
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