3776D - Fuji Outdoor Sports Station

Skillful blend of effort and transcendence with exploration and contemplation this discipline means for us escape and freedom. Based in a converted log house at the foot of Mount Mikuni, our goal is to share a true, simple and physical experience.

Located in the middle of nature, between Mount Fuji and the Tanzawa mountain range, a short walk from Lake Yamanaka, it offers direct access to the best spots.
Do not hesitate and make an appointment with the Japanese nature.

Our goal: discover and share.

Our Philosophy: to surpass oneself, to appreciate, to live.

Jérôme Lastapis - Project Manager

Initially fan of Japan as many of you, Jérôme started to let down Tokyo and its crazy but lovely lifestyle to reach the trails, looking for something different made of others sensations.

Moving all around the country to practice trail running and to take part in many races, he found what no guide-book makes mention of. And with good reason, because what he found doesn't need any explanation, just living it.

Mix between sport and tourism, his bests memories and meetings are marked under the seal of effort and outdoor. From this time, japanese nature became his kingdom and Mount Fuji his training camp.

Feeling that people like him could be interested to live that, he looked for the perfect ground to live the best experience ever, and created "3776D", his company, in the middle of nature on the foot of Mount Fuji.

Jérôme Lastapis - 3776d - Japon
3776d with Christophe LE SAUX & Antoine GUILLON
3776d with Christophe LE SAUX & Antoine GUILLON
run+trail vol34 - interview
run+trail vol34 - interview

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