A majestic volcano with an almost perfect conical shape, imposing itself as out of nowhere, the object of many tales and legends, it has become over time a source of veneration for some, of reflection or inspiration for others.

Whatever your motivations, be convinced about its fascinating contemplation and transcendent ascension.
As many other wise person before you, take the pilgrim trails, draw from you the strength that leads every man to the summit and savor the moment when, setting foot on the roof of Japan, you will contemplate the infinity of the horizon*.

*Subject to good weather conditions.

More than a memory, an adventure.

With group from 2 to 6 people max, we propose to you a climb made for you, full autonomy on one day.

Daytime Ascent:

It’s an easy concept: we meet us together on late afternoon. Then I bring you to a local restaurant. After dinner we go back to the lodge to plan the ascent and pack our gears.  We take a rest before leaving by car to  the 5th station early morning. Quietly climb to the top for lunch time, then way down.
Going back home, stop at the Onsen (optional - tattoos prohibited) to relax and conclude our journey as it should.

Night time Ascent:

Same concept as daytime, just timetable changes. We leave the lodge to the 5th station before midnight. Departure time depends on the period to be able to reach the summit before the sunrise. It is strongly recommended to rest well before coming.

Information or reservation request.

Do you have any questions or special request
please contact us.


On Season, from July to August

¥35 000 (with tax) per person

Off Season* June & from Sept. to October

¥40 000 (with tax) per person

*Subject to good weather conditions and safety. Feasibility will be confirmed 48H before.

I - What's included:

Pick-up at the bus stop
Guiding tour
Accommodation at the lodge (pre & post ascent)
Shower (towel, shampoo and soap included)
Gears supply (see list below)

II - What's not included:

Snacks during the climb
Onsen Fee
Mandatory gears different from those supplied
Expenses different from those included in 1

Depending on the route, the weather conditions and the overall pace of the group, the round trip can take between 6 and 12 hours.

The ascent of Mont Fuji is not a great technical difficulty but nevertheless requires a very good physical condition, endurance and a minimum of preparation to be performed in the best conditions.

We draw your attention to the fact that this is an altitude hike in which you can be prone to mountain sickness and that the practice of a recreational or sports activity in the mountains involves risks.

For obvious reasons of safety, and in order to balance the group, we ask you to conscientiously inform the sections on your physical abilities in the booking form. "False" or "wrong" information can compromise the progress of the group.

We supply the following equipment:

  • Backpacks
  • Headlamp
  • Sticks
  • Rain wear (Size M & L)
  • Polar jacket (Size M & L)
  • Hat/Cap
  • Neck warmer
  • Gloves (availability depending on size)
  • Spikes
  • Survival blanket

Regarding the necessary equipment (clothes and shoes), you must be equipped according to the instructions given by the official site for the ascent of Mount Fuji ( http://www.fujisan-climb.jp/en/index.html ). Appropriate footwear and warm clothing to withstand negative temperatures are mandatory. Particular attention will be paid to the subject.

A check will be made and we reserve the right to refuse a candidate for the climb that does not present the necessary equipment.

Reaching the top is not guaranteed, if during the ascent the security conditions were no longer met for different reasons, it would be put in term by decision of the guide.

The service is provided from 2 people and up to a maximum of 6.

If necessary, you agree to share your day with other candidates for the adventure.

In order to better identify individual profiles and be able to balance groups, a section concerning your physical abilities and sporting background should be carefully completed in the booking module Booking. [wp_social_sharing social_options='facebook,twitter,googleplus' show_icons='1' icon_order='g,t,f']