2 hours from Tokyo, on the foot of mount Fuji, give yourself an escape in the middle of japanese nature.

Trail runners or hikers, discover the courses in wonderful landscape.

Make your own selection, according to your skills, among various proposed courses with nice view on mount Fuji.

Sometimes, after some efforts, you'll discover a lost temple hidden in the mountain; perfect time for a peaceful break.

The concept is simple: we meet at Fuji Station in the evening the day before, we talk about our expedition, eating a local speciality in one of the restaurants around the lake.

Then we go to FOSS (Fuji Outdoor Sports Station), to pack our gears and take a rest before an early wake up.

The day starts with the sunrise from a nice place with large view, then goes on all day long, from a waypoint to another. Thus you'll enjoy an unknown side of Japan, wilder, stronger, and more peaceful.

Once we'll finish, we'll return to FOSS to put our things in order before going back to the station, final destination of your journey.

Information or reservation request.

Do you have any questions or special request
please contact us.

Single package: 25 000 Yens (with tax) per person per day.

I - What's Included:

non-stop guide

- pick-up at the station

accommodation at FOSS


sheet, towel, shampoo, body soap.

Trail running and hiking gear (head-light, bottles, backpack, sticks)

II - What's not included:

lunch and dinner

shoes and sport clothes

expenses different from those included in 1

Fujisan - Entrance Gate

The service is provided from 2 people and up to a maximum of 6.

If necessary, you agree to share your day with other candidates for the adventure.

In order to better identify individual profiles and be able to balance groups, a section concerning your physical abilities and sporting background should be carefully completed in the booking module Booking. [wp_social_sharing social_options='facebook,twitter,googleplus' show_icons='1' icon_order='g,t,f']