Yamanakako Aozora marathon 1 light - 3776D

Yamanakako Aozora Marathon

Oyez, Oyez, A new race is born in Yamanakako: Yamanakako Aozora Marathon. First edition on Sunday, September 26. (the day after our event “Les 12 heures de Yamanakako” (https://fb.me/e/1iaLHPrQ1) 1 loop, max 2 hours, 4500 Yens or 2 loops, max 4 hours, 5000 Yens More information here: https://aozorarun.com/210926/ Please share and be welcome. Who would …

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3776D O.C.R. Training Ground

Yamanakako O.C.R. training ground. By 3776D

O.C.R. for Obstacles Course Racing. Very proud to show you the first live pictures of our new project. An outdoor training field for obstacles/Spartan racer, looking forward to welcoming you here. Enjoy soon.   OCR signifiant course de parcours d’obstacle, nous sommes fier de vous présenter les premieres images Live de notre nouveau projet: un …

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